Career and Grants

Research Interests

  • Data mining with R

  • Application of data mining and analytics

  • Data mining algorithms

Research Grants/Projects

  • ARC Linkage Project on Detecting Significant Changes in Organisation Customer Interactions Leading to Non-Compliance.
    L.Cao, X. Zhu, C. Zhang, H. Bohlscheid, H. Zhang, B. Clark, Y. Zhao, P. Newbigin, 2010-2013.

  • ARC Linkage Project (LP0775041) on Data Mining of Activity Transactions to Strengthen Debt Prevention.
    C. Zhang, L. Cao, M. Browne, Y. Morrow, R. Schurmann, P. Newbigin, F. Figueiredo and Y. Zhao, $469,000, 2007-2009.

  • UTS ECRG (Early Career Researcher Grant) project on Efficient Mining of Negative Sequential Patterns.
    Y. Zhao, $24,941, 2009-2010.

  • UTS ECRG (Early Career Researcher Grant) project on Combined Association Rule Mining.
    Y. Zhao and H. Zhang, $25,000, 2008-2009.

Work History

  • September 2017 to present
    Senior Research Scientist, Data61, CSIRO

  • November 2015 to present
    Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra

  • March to September 2017
    Data Analytics Lead, IBM Australia

  • November 2011 to February 2017
    Senior Data Scientist, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia

  • May 2009 to November 2011
    Senior Data Mining Specialist, Department of Human Services, Australia

  • January 2007 to November 2009
    Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (Industry),
    University of Technology, Sydney, Australia